Maher Angus

Welcome to Maher Angus Ranch!

Maher Angus Ranch is a family operation that is owned and managed by Dan & Casey Maher and families. Dan's father established the ranch in 1917. Maher Angus Ranch is located on the southern border of North Dakota just 2 ½ miles northeast of Morristown, South Dakota. Casey is the third generation, representing nearly 100 years of raising Black Angus cattle.

We have had 38 years of production sales and will be hosting our 39th annual sale at the ranch this year. This year's sale date is the first Friday in February, offering over 120 yearling bulls.

We manage our purebred, registered cowherd of 400 plus on a rotational grazing range. Our cowherd is selected diligently for fertility, sound feet and legs, disposition, utter quality and overall performance. We don't believe in creep feeding our bulls or heifer calves – it's up to the cow.

We utilize the breeds top AI Sires with their proven genetics that we feel will enhance our breeding program. Our 2015 sale sires include:SAV Resource, Really Windy 4097, MAR Innovation 251, and MAR Accountabull..

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of our customers, past, present and future. Your support and confidence in our program is appreciated.

Visitors are welcome anytime.


Annual Production Sale

First Friday in February | Morristown, SD | Lunch at Noon - Sale at 1:00 MT